Sunday, December 7, 2008

Adding some Nerd to the Nerd Corner: New Blogger!

'Ello 'ello Nerd Corner readers. It is I, The Lime Penguin, here to make the Nerd Corner that much more geeky and nerdy.

I've joined to post news and reviews of things that matter! Things that make a difference! Things like politics and economics anWHO THE BALLS WOULD READ THAT SHIT?

No, seriously, I'm here to talk about mostly Comics and Movies. If you like me? Bitching. If not? Well you'll always have plenty of MILFs to stare at here so really you win either way. Have you seen Pastor Melissa Scott? Hol-ee-crap.

Here's the list of what I plan on reviewing. Recommendations and requests are more than welcomed.

Comic Reviews to Come:
Terror Titans
Wolverine Power Pack
Battle for the Cowl: The One-Shots
Teen Titans Member Rush Special


hopefulsemblance said...

Owtf!!! A majority of DC titles??? If I'd have known you were a DC boy I'd never have brought you on board!!! ;)

Howzabout your review Secret Invasion... lotta big changes happening over in Marvel there is. Quite excited about that.

Also can you provide a summary for Final Crisis when it's all over. I don't feel like getting the issues/trade (when it comes out) and wikipedia has been lacking in a proper plot summary.

LimePenguin said...

But Final Crisis and Secret Invasion has been a major mind-fuck maaaan!

But I'll do it. You are my sorta-boss after all.

Also, can I get the green-light to do some movie reviews? Puh-leeeeze?

And have you read Terror Titans!? Jesus man this stuff is awesome!

Ziola said...

*feels terribly left out and confused*

hopefulsemblance said...

LoL Zi!!!

Go ahead. Do whatever you want!

LimePenguin said...

Anything I want, eh?