Sunday, January 18, 2009

No more burgers-before-bros on Facebook

Whopper lovers and Facebook freeloaders alike are mad as heck … and well, I am too (though for slightly different reasons). Just eight days into the blogosphere-infamous "Whopper Sacrifice" campaign — in which Facebookers were encouraged to dump 10 "friends" for a free-Whopper coupon — the Burger King application unceremoniously ceased to function. Bing bang boom, no free Whoppers for anyone.

It’s not that I actually wanted a Whopper. I was more excited by the social experiment of building a profile, accepting 10 friends (including two hardcore vegans and my boss), and summarily dumping them in such a way that they’d receive an official notice via the "Whopper Sacrifice" Facebook application informing them that their friendship to me was worth roughly 1/10th of a fast food hamburger coupon (each). Because dude, that’s hilarious.

In its brief existence, "Whopper Sacrifice" collected 82,771 people who dumped 233,906 friends, each of which received a memo that only advanced the viral campaign.
Why did this happen? The world may never know. Repeated efforts to contact Facebook resulted in the same statement the company PR Bot e-mailed everyone in the media:

"We encourage creativity from developers and companies using Facebook Platform, but we also must ensure that applications follow users’ expectations of privacy. After extensive discussions with the developer, we have not disabled the application but have made some changes to the application’s behavior to assure that users’ expectations of privacy are maintained."

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