Sunday, August 31, 2008

Join the Evil League of Evil!!!!

With the release of the upcoming DVD, Bad Horse is accepting 3-minute video applications to join the Evil League Of Evil and earn a spot as one of ten videos included on the DVD extras. So far the site isn’t taking submissions just yet.

Read more:

New Poll: Who would you rather sleep with in the 2008 Election?

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Sarah Palin

Barack Obama

Joe Biden

John McCain

Saturday, August 30, 2008

History is Made: First MILF VP Candidate!

OK, I understand why John McCain picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his candidate for Vice President. Obviously its due to her in-depth experience in Middle
East affairs as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. Because we already had a major party female VP candidate, um, a generation ago.

As John McCain would say: "Sarah Palin, my friends, is the first MILF VP Candidate in history!"

If you want more, you may go to

Pic courtesy of the Progressive Alaska Blog

Friday, August 29, 2008

Shawn Johnson said WHAT?!

This vid is Chris Hansen approved for teh creepo factor...

The Nerd Corner's official chat goes public!

The Nerd Corner officially launches its own chat room!

If you are on IRC, hop onto the freenode network into #thenerdcorner and check us out and talk about anything from math equations to Heroes, from lolcat to 4chan.

The following rules will be enforced:

1. Respect the channel operators and each other.

2. If you have a video that you'd like everyone to check out, posting the link once is sufficient for a 20-minute span.

3. If you have a project you're working on (ie- video, website, radio show, etc.) you may talk about it. But if that is all you're talking about and it becomes annoying and detrimental to other people's conversations, or if your sole purpose seems to be coming into the chat room only to promote yourself, steps will be taken to remove you from the channel. This rule is strictly enforced by The Nerd Corner bloggers when blogging and will be enforced in the chat room as well.

4. Spamming is not tolerated... unless it brings forth epic lulz.

5. If you've been in a dick in another room, have a bad reputation, have had incident with our operators in another room- you may already be banned from the room. All of The Nerd Corner's operators judgements are trusted. While I hate to admit this, The Nerd Corner is derived from another community. As it is in the real world, first impressions follow you wherever you go. Also, when a ban is made there is opportunity for objection from the other operators/people in the room. Generally if there is even one objection the ban will be temporary. If there is no objection at all... most likely no one wants you there to begin with and the ban will be permanent. It helps to make friends, even in our anonymous online world.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dancing with the Stars new lineup!

The Three-Night Premiere Event Begins Monday, September 22 starring:

Lance Bass - *NSync (boy band singer)
Toni Braxton - R&B singer
Brooke Burke - actress/model
Rocco Dispirito - celebrity chef
Maurice Greene - Gold Medalist (100m dash)
Kim Kardashian - reality TV star
Cloris Leachman - television & film star (the crazy grandmother from Malcolm in the Middle)
Cody Linley - Disney actor (currently in Hannah Montana)
Susan Lucci - daytime soap opera star
Misty May-Treanor - 2008 Gold Medalist (beach voleyball)
Ted McGinley - actor (Jefferson from Married... With Children)
Jeffrey Ross - comedian/celebrity roaster
Warren Sapp - former NFL player

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We all know condoms protect us. But who's looking out for them?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pandora; Internet Radio Companies Must Pay More Royalties

The operator of Pandora, a popular US webcaster and music service, thinks the ongoing dispute about performance royalties puts the entire industry branch in danger. "We're approaching a pull-the-plug kind of decision," said Pandora's founder Tim Westergren in an interview with the Washington Post adding "This is like a last stand for webcasting." Streaming radio services say they feel they are pushed into being defensive, by the music industry and by royalty representatives, whose royalty demands put too much strain on their type of business.

The dispute with internet radio stations about the compensation for performance rights has been smouldering for some time. Despite ongoing negotiations and various proposals, no common ground has been found between the webcasters and SoundExchange, an organisation representing artists and record labels. The disagreement is not about the royalties paid by all the radio stations – that is the same whether they broadcast via aerial, satellite or the internet. What is creating conflict is the different royalty levels charged for the performance rights, that is the rights to a certain recording owned by musicians, singers and labels.

While terrestrial (normal) radio stations don't pay any performance royalties, satellite radio stations pay six to seven percent of their revenue. However, a US government panel decided last year that webcasters are to pay a higher rate per song and listener, increasing the original fee of 0.08 US cents to 0.19 US cents by 2010. Smaller web radio providers complain that their royalty payments could exceed their earnings using this formula.

So this may spell trouble for the Internet Radio industry, we'll just have to wait and see.

Heise Online: More disputes over US internet radio royalties

Google Wants To 'Free The Airwaves'

Google has launched the "Free The Airwaves" campaign today in an effort to utilize unused airwaves between broadcast TV channels for broadband wireless service.

Also known as the "white spaces", Google along with Intel, Microsoft and Motorola, have been trying to convince the FCC to make the spectrum available for unlicensed use--mainly concerning next year's digital broadcast transition from analog. Google has been pushing this request on their public blog, describing the spectrum as "Wi-Fi on steroids," by co-founder Larry Page.

However, aside from the FCC hurdle, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) are claiming that the "white spaces" could possibly interfere with their broadcast quality. We'll see what the FCC thinks about Google's plans when they release some results during the test.

Dragonforce Debuting Single In 'Guitar Hero III'

Our very most super-favorite English speed metal band of all time, Dragonforce, will be releasing their newest single “Heroes of Our Time” – the debut single off their new album Ultra Beatdown – as a download in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock before the CD, Mp3 or cassette single goes on sale.

The song is part of a three-track pack hitting the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live on August 21st. The other two tracks--“Revolution Deathsquad” and “Operation Ground and Pound"-- are both from the Inhuman Rampage album. Look for all the songs to be ridonkulously hard; that's how Dragonforce rolls.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bigfoot = 4% human; 96% opossum

Results from tests on genetic material from alleged remains of one of the mythical half-ape and half-human creatures, made public at a news conference on Friday held after the claimed discovery swept the Internet, failed to prove its existence.
Its spread was fueled by a photograph of a hairy heap, bearing a close resemblance to a shaggy full-body gorilla costume, stuffed into a container resembling a refrigerator.
One of the two samples of DNA said to prove the existence of the Bigfoot came from a human and the other was 96 percent from an opossum, according to Curt Nelson, a scientist at the University of Minnesota who performed the DNA analysis.

Source: Reuters
QQ... and I had hope.

Daily Show Special Olympics Coverage

This means something...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Harry Potter disapparates from November release, apparates for July release

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," the sixth installment in the blockbuster film franchise about boy wizard Harry, is moving from its planned Nov. 21 release to July 17, 2009, distributor Warner Bros. said Thursday.

Full article: 1=28101&silentchk=1">>1=28101&silentchk=1&
Source: Associated Press

Friday, August 15, 2008

The FA Barclays Premiership (Part 2)

Part 2 of the Nerd Corner, Premiership preview for the 2007/2008 season. This time, looking at the remaining 10 teams.

Manchester United

Reigning champions, won the title on the last day of the season. Relied heavily on an extraordinary season by Christiano Ronaldo, to get them to where they were. Going to need the same heroics this year from the lad. Big speculation throughout the summer over his future at the club, or whether he was going to Real Madrid. An inevitability in the long run. however, he's still there, just injured to start the year. Supporting cast is pretty much the same, should be strong defensively. Will be challenging all year, just, don't think they've got it this year.

Ladbrokes odds - 5/4 (fav)
My Prediction - 2nd


For the last two years, I've said the same thing about Middlesbrough, as I did about Bolton, questioning where the goals were going to come from. With last January's signing of Afonso Alves, this team now has a goal scorer. Thusly, they should be more comfortable. Goalkeeping situation could be interesting, with no proven Premiership keeper there, and the loss of Luke Young will hurt, but, other than this, team is pretty similar to where they were a year ago, with a striker that can score.

Ladbrokes odds - 1000/1
My Prediction - 10th

Newcastle United

Last season, it looked as though Newcastle were going to be battling against relegation until the bitter end. Then, they sacked Sam Allardyce and brought back Kevin Keegan. Took a while to get going, but eventually, they got their act together and finished reasonably safe. The summer has been pretty uneventful, but with a full year of Keegan, the team should not be in the same troubles as last season. Not going to be better than a mid-table team though.

Ladbrokes odds - 350/1
My Prediction - 11th


My personal favourite Premiership team. The last few years, Harry Redknapp has made this team into a strong, top 10 outfit. A remarkable achievement, considering that not that long ago, they were in the yo-yo between the Premiership and Championship nearly every year. New signing Peter Crouch, is going to provide a good partner for quick, free-scoring Jermaine Defoe. No other big moves over the course of the summer, should look to be in a similar position as last year.

Ladbrokes odds - 350/1
My Prediction - 7th

Sjoke City Stoke City

Full disclosure; I have a personal hatred of Stoke City that is unmatched by any other team, short of perhaps Port Vale. This is the local rival of my own team, and it pains me greatly to see them in the Premiership this year. Just like Hull, I have no idea how they did it, and it's a testament to just how poor the promoted teams from last year are. They've made three moves over the summer, bringing in a goalkeeper, midfielder and striker. Somehow, Tony Pulis believes that the above average championship side he had last year, plus a couple of extra pieces are going to make the difference. He, and clayheads everywhere are going to be in for a big shock this coming year, and I am personally going to enjoy watching every second of their attrocious season.

Ladbrokes odds - 7500/1
My Prediction - 20th (Relegated)


A solid first season in the premiership, with a reasonably poor squad. Roy Keane has managed to work wonders at the wearside club. The summer has seen a couple of modest signings, with the addition of Steve Malbranque from Tottenham the most significant. Should be relatively safe again this season, if only down to the poorer standard of competition from the lower half of the league.

Ladbrokes odds - 1500/1
My Prediction - 14th

Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs massively underachieved last season, but the teams fortunes did turn around somewhat when new manager Juande Ramos came to the helm. The summer has seen the additions of midfielder David Bentley from Blackburn and Luka Modric from Dinamo Zagreb, which should strengthen an already free scoring unit, however, the loss of Robbie Keane to Liverpool is going to hurt. Dimitar Berbatov is still at the club, but, for how long remains to be seen. Scored the fifth most goals last term, but conceded the fifth most too, if they can tighten up the defence, Tottenham could be flying quite high this year.

Ladbrokes odds - 50/1
My Prediction - 5th

West Bromwich Albion

The last of the newly promoted teams, West Brom won the Championship last season, although no by much. The team was far and away the best squad in the second tier, but, still didn't run away with the league. They are the best set of the three new teams to survive, and with the additions of Scott Carson and Marek Cech, they've strengthened the defence to cope. Luke Young should also add some fire-power to the front-line. Going to be a scrap to stay up, but, with the keys in place, they can certainly do it.

Ladbrokes odds - 3000/1
My Prediction - 17th

West Ham United

Another team that has a reasonably quiet offseason. The team has lost Bobby Zamora to Fulham, though, he didn't play all that much last year. Valon Behrami could add some more quality to the midfield, but, overall it appears that they shouldn't be far off from where they were last year. What is likely to drop the team down in the league, is the improvement of various teams around the Hammers. Likely, mid table obscurity for much of the season.

Ladbrokes odds - 750/1
My Prediction - 13th

Wigan Athletic

Last season it appeared that Wigan were going to be in the relegation battle until the final day, but when they brought in Manager Steve Bruce from Birmingham, the fortunes turned around and they finished relatively safe. This term, the team has Bruce for the full year, and pretty much the same squad as a year previous. Lee Cattermole and Oliver Kapo are the only noteworthy additions to the team. Should finish well clear of the drop, though, probably won't be pushing for much more.

Ladbrokes odds - 3000/1
My Prediction - 15th

Thusly, concludes the Premiership team by team preview for 2008/2009. The season starts tomorrow, Saturday August 16th at 12:45pm BST, 7:45am ET with Arsenal vs. West Brom at the Emirates Stadium, most other teams will be kicking off at 3pm BST, 10am ET.

EA Teams Up With Epic Games, Grasshopper Manufacture

Gears of War 2 developer Epic Games and the creators of No More Heroes, Grasshopper Manufacture, have agreed to publish their titles under the Electronic Arts brand, as announced by the company today. EA also recently partnered with Doom creators id Software to publish their upcoming title, Rage.

"Epic is excited to work with EA Partners to launch our next big IP on the global stage," said by Mark Rein, president of Epic Games. The new, unnamed Epic title is being developed for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360. Meanwhile, Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming action-horror title for the same platforms is being produced by Shinji Mikami, the man behind Resident Evil.

"[EA is] a great partner who shares our commitment to quality and innovation while respecting our independence as a studio, which is very empowering," said by Grasshopper CEO Goichi Suda, who is also directing their upcoming game with EA.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Zombies Pwn Vampires!

In a landslide victory of 51 votes to 8 votes, Zombies took the coveted prize of winning the very first Nerd Corner poll! Whether this means that people like zombies more or that they think zombies would win in a fight vs. vampires, the world may never know. However one thing is for sure, with 86% of the vote they are without a doubt the winner in this competition.

Congratulations to the Zombies for kicking the butts of Vampires, and proving that they are the choice of nerds all across the interwebz!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The FA Barclays Premiership (Part 1)

My original draft of this post was far too long, so, we're going to have a part 1 and part 2 situation.

Not really fitting along the lines of the nerd corner as such, but this is my bread and butter subject. This coming weekend marks the start of the 2008/2009 season, of the Barclays Premier League. The spirit of competition will be on show every week, as the (supposed) best 20 teams in England battle it out to see who will win the prize for this year. The following is a brief, completely biased run down of each of the 20 teams the first 10 teams, alphabetically, in the competition this year, and my own predictions of where they will finish.


Perennial member of 'the big 4', and should be there or there abouts once again this year. A young team, with many current stars, and stars of the future. Looked like they were going to race away with the title last year, until Eduardo got injured at Birmingham, ran out of steam after that incident. Could end up one step lower this term, with Liverpool improving, still an outside shot at the title.

Ladbrokes odds - 6/1
My Prediction - 4th

Aston Villa

The additions of Luke Young, Nicky Shorey and American Bard Friedel should improve an average defensive unit. Last year, Villa scored the 3rd most goals in the league, this year, they have the same midfield and forward units, so, should look to score the same again. The Gareth Barry saga does continue, with the aspect of whether he's going to Liverpool or not hanging in the balance as the transfer window doesn't close until the end of the month. However, even if he does go, the signing of Steve Sidwell should go some way to cover for this.

Ladbrokes odds - 150/1
My Prediction - 6th

Blackburn Rovers

Their biggest loss of the off-season, is manager Mark Hughes who has gone to Manchester City. The new boss, is ex-lots of teams and England midfielder, Paul Ince, whose current managing experience is only in League 2, a full 3 leagues below the premiership. They've lost their best player in David Bentley, they've lost Brad Friedel and replaced him with Paul Robinson, a downgrade in my opinion. This team is set for a big fall this coming season.

Ladbrokes odds - 1000/1
My Prediction - 12th

Bolton Wanderers

Squeaked away from the drop zone at the very end of last season, heavily relying on their early season form in order to survive. This year, they don't have the benefit of Nicolas Anelka scoring their goals. The big drop in form happened when they sold Anelka to Chelsea last January. Simply put, they just don't have anyone to score goals. Their only saving grace might be the poor standard of the promoted teams. Could be a long season for the Trotters.

Ladbrokes Odds - 3000/1
My Prediction - 18th (Relegated)


My tip for the top every year. It's hard to argue against a team with such insane talent, and quite frankly any time they don't win the title, they're underachieving. This summer has seen many players who don't play depart, and the addition of Deco from Barcelona and Bosingwa from Porto. Question marks...probably how new manager Luiz Felipe Scolari handles the team, should be very different from the old, more defensive style. Could be a fun team to watch.

Ladbrokes odds - 13/8 (2ndF)
My Prediction - 1st (Champions)


For much of last year, it looked as though Everton could break into the top 4, shaking up the general status quo. However, over the summer, the team has been pretty much stagnant. Granted, they had, and have a decent team, but they've lost striker Andy Johnson, and now face a tough challenge. The teams around them have improved, and Evertonians could be in for a shock.

Ladbrokes odds - 150/1
My Prediction - 9th


Roy Hodgson performed the miracle or miracles at the end of last season, just when it looked like Fulham were destined for the Championship, they managed to save their season with some big results in the last few games. This summer has seen a large amount of players coming and going, as Hodgson looks to stamp his authority on the team, and save them from the predicaments of last season. Biggest signing has to be Andy Johnson from Everton, who should improve the strikeforce, as well as Bobby Zamora. Team looks better set for the league this year.

Ladbrokes odds - 2500/1
My Prediction - 16th

Hull City

Newly promoted Hull came through the Championship play-offs. If anyone will show the poor standard of promoted teams, it'll be Hull. Since they went up, they've signed some pretty average Premiership plays such as George Boateng and Giovanni. How this team managed to get promoted, I don't know. Pretty much nailed on to go down, with their only saving grace being the fact that they should be competing with Stoke for bottom place and least points in history.

Ladbrokes odds - 7500/1
My Prediction - 19th (Relegated)


They've lost an awful lot of dead weight from the squad, and have added Robbie Keane to the front line. For a while, they were rumoured to be close to signing David Villa, which would have made the team instant title contenders, as it is, they're slightly improved over where they were a year ago. If they manage to sign Gareth Barry, they may get closer, but, they'll be battling it out for 3rd place with Arsenal all year.

Ladbrokes odds - 6/1
My Prediction - 3rd

Manchester City

Last year, City looked like they were going to fly away with 5th place, the team looked pretty much unbeatable, especially at home, before the new year. And then, the wheels fell off. However, what City achieved last year was still impressive, and they got to somewhere where they hadn't been in many years. So, what does crazy nutso owner, Thaksin Shinawatra do? Sacks Sven Goran Erikson, who had done a bloody good job. Stupid. Anyway, that's done, Mark Hughes, who himself is a good manager, is now at the helm. Rumours of them signing Ronaldinho didn't materialise, so they're pretty much where they were.

Ladbrokes odds - 200/1
My Prediction - 8th

And that concludes part 1 of this years Premiership preview, part 2 will be coming before Saturday.

The Nerd Corner's Game of the Week: Hobowars

Recently, some of the Nerds in the Corner have become afflicted with a new addiction. This addiction is simply known as Hobowars.
Hobowars is a text-based massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Despite the fact that it's mostly text-based, the game offers some hilarious scenarios and some intriguing situations that will make you scratch your head trying to figure out your next move. Only in Hobowars can you make $60,000 for 30 minutes of begging, wield an AK-47, mug an Old Man at the local 7-11, meet Willie Wonka and take a tour of his Chocolate Factory, join a gang, and fight an epic Lord of the Rings battle to save the City... all in the same day!
Hobowars is completely free, with the option to purchase a donator pack which gives you more turns per hour. Recently, Hobowars has implemented a new feature to provide a more social network-like feel for its users, and a wiki to provide a smoother start for new users.
So what are you waiting for? Prepare for some addiction!!!

If you decide to join, feel free to leave your Hobo name and ID number in a comment below. The Nerd Corner is currently pursuing the idea of creating its own gang. :)

  • Chelseyrl - Hobo name: Chelzee ; ID: 1403861
  • hopefulsemblance - Hobo name: Hoody Hoo ; ID: 56814
  • ThaBeave - Hobo name: Bivver ; ID: 1390159
  • Jo_16_2 - Hobo name: Jo_16_2 ; ID: 1391211
  • maddemp - Hobo name: Madd-ee ; ID: 1403890
  • ApotheosisAZ - Hobo name: Jonas Wharton ; ID: 1408429

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gamerz: Layla, Oliva or Morgan?

Episode 2 of web series Gamerz tackles an age-old G4-related quandry: Who would you pick (in some alternate universe where you could actually make this choice) Layla, Oliva or Morgan?

Toronto propane depot explosion

Recently we posted the sXephil & KevJumba videos of the Toronto Propane Explosion.
Daymonster said...
They used the original video and edited it to make it look like they were both there.

While we can't verify this, this footage definitely looks similar to the angles that KevJumba & sXephil presented. This video footage is actually better than either of the ones presented before, since the person recording does not up & run. That is balls my friends. That is balls.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Strike.TV: WITH THE ANGELS trailer

Strike.TV: WITH THE ANGELS trailer from StrikeTV on Vimeo.
Writer Mary Feuer (Lonelygirl15, Dante’s Cove) tells the fish-out-of-water story of a small-town Arkansas girl swimming in the freak-infested waters of Venice, California. A 36-episode web series about God, fame, love, sex, cars, music, TV - and all the other things we put our faith in.

McCain's latest campaign video

McCain's latest anti-celebrity (Obama) video tactic. I actually laughed.

Check it out: HERE.

Toronto Propane Explosion Caught on Tape by YouTubers sXephil & KevJumba

Wow. It's like a scene from Cloverfield!
sXephil's angle:

KevJumba's angle:

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bowser's Minions

Mario's enemies have something to say.

Twitter Gets Hacked; Flash Virus Loose

Micro blogging site Twitter just got hacked! So look out for a fake profile that claims to link to a porn video but instead downloads a fake version of Adobe Flash that installs programs capable of stealing data.

The fake profile name means "pretty rabbit" in Portuguese. Security firm Kaspersky believes the attack originated in Brazil because of the language it uses, the servers it calls on to download trojans and the e-mail address used to collect stolen data.

This news comes hot on the heels of Kaspersky’s discovery of worms targeting social networking sites MySpace and Facebook, with additional worm variants turning up on yet more sites. The worms transform victims' machines into “zombie computers” used by criminals to send spam, launch phishing attacks and harvest data. They were disguised as a link to YouTube which also installed a fake version of Flash Player. Hi-Tech Criminals Target Twitter

Pentagon's Unmanned Spokesdrone Gives Press Conference

The spokesdrone will field questions deemed too dangerous for a human press secretary, whose career could be irreparably damaged by answering them.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Final Fantasy XIII News

Unlike the past two summers, Square Enix isn't holding a general-admission event. Instead, the company invited select fans to a private party held today cryptically called "DK Sigma 3713." At the ongoing event, attendees played the latest demos and saw the newest trailers from Square Enix, which also used the proceedings to make some newsworthy announcements.

Since its first unveiling on 2006, Final Fantasy XIII has already captured the hearts of role-playing game fanatics. Now, Square-Enix has given us something to look forward to, as they have confirmed that a Playstation 3 demo will arrive this March in Japan.

The demo will be accompanied by the Blu Ray debut of the epic RPG movie sequel, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Expect the demo to hit our shores soon enough after it conquers Japan. And Japan and North America have the same region coding for Blu Ray discs, so all you importers can watch Cloud Strife and the gang in full HD. Final Fantasy XIII is set for a 2009 release for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Also at the event, game director Motomu Toriyama reconfirmed that, "We haven't changed the direction of the development. We're making the PS3 version first, and then porting to the 360 later." That means that since the game will be released simultaneously on both platforms in North America and Europe, the PS3 release will be held back in those territories until the 360 version is complete.

Furthermore, Toriyama also revealed that, as of July 29, his team hasn't yet received the tools needed to begin work on the Xbox 360 version of FFXIII. "I'm telling them to not think about the Xbox 360 right now," he said. "We can think about it after the development kits arrive."

The game Final Fantasy Agito XIII, originally announced for mobile phones, is now officially making its way to the PSP. the game doesnt have a release date yet. Final Fantasy Versus XIII, remains a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Matchbox Twenty - Unwell (Acoustic... WITH A HARP!!!)

Quite simply the best version of this song that I have ever heard.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Egg Exposion

We put an egg in the microwave.....nuff said

Friday, August 1, 2008

J.K. Rowling to publish The Tales of Beedle the Bard on December 4, 2008

In celebration of Harry Potter's birthday today, the Children's High Level Group (CHLG), the English charity co-founded by J K Rowling and Emma Nicholson MEP to help children suffering in institutions, announces that it is to publish The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

Fans around the world have been clamouring to read the wizarding fairy tales?created, handwritten and illustrated by J K Rowling - since last December, when Amazon famously bid £1.95 million / $4 million for the charity copy, one of only seven in existence, at Sotheby's in London.

All net proceeds from the sale of the books - expected to be in the region of £4 million / $8 million - will be donated to CHLG.

The charity works to make life better for vulnerable children across Europe, where over a million children and teenagers are growing up in unacceptable conditions in large residential institutions. In most cases they are without adequate human or emotional contact and stimulation, while many only just survive without life's basics such as adequate shelter and food.

Full article:

For those of you already excited about the news, like I am, here's a sneak peek of the new Harry Potter movie set to release in late November, Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince.

MILF of the Month (August) - Diane Lane

We here at the Nerd Corner have a fine appreciation for all things aged- wine... comic books... and most importantly women! There is nothing sexier than a confident and beautiful woman past the age of 35. So in celebration of these women, we'd like to present you with an ongoing celebration of women past the age of 35 that we will be calling "MILF of the Month." Our first recipient of MILF of the Month can go to none other than the epitomy of what a sexy, confident, and talented woman past her 30's is.
Our first recipient for MILF of the Month can be none other than Diane Lane.
Diane Lane was born on January 22, 1965, in New York. Diane was acting from a very young age and made her stage debut at the age of six. Her work in such acclaimed theater productions as "The Cherry Orchard" and "Medea" led to her being called to Hollywood. She was 13 when she was cast by director George Roy Hill in his wonderful 1979 film A Little Romance (1979), opposite Sir Laurence Olivier. During this time, her parents split up and her mother went to Mexico, while her father retained custody. When Lane was 15, she declared her independence from her father and ran away to Los Angeles for a week with actor and friend Christopher Atkins. She came back and moved in with a friend's family, paying them rent.
She has gone on to make 50 movies, all of varying degrees of success. Lane was finally noticed by the Academy with a Nomination for her steamy roll in Unfaithful. Unfaithful is a MUST SEE for anyone that likes Diane Lane, let alone finds her attractive.
Diane Lane is currently married to fellow actor, Josh Brolin. At 43, she still has the killer stats of 35C-25-34. WOW! :)

To find out more about Diane Lane:
Diane Lane at Wikipedia
Diane Lane at

But you'd probably rather see some more pics... so would I!!! Enjoy!