Friday, August 29, 2008

The Nerd Corner's official chat goes public!

The Nerd Corner officially launches its own chat room!

If you are on IRC, hop onto the freenode network into #thenerdcorner and check us out and talk about anything from math equations to Heroes, from lolcat to 4chan.

The following rules will be enforced:

1. Respect the channel operators and each other.

2. If you have a video that you'd like everyone to check out, posting the link once is sufficient for a 20-minute span.

3. If you have a project you're working on (ie- video, website, radio show, etc.) you may talk about it. But if that is all you're talking about and it becomes annoying and detrimental to other people's conversations, or if your sole purpose seems to be coming into the chat room only to promote yourself, steps will be taken to remove you from the channel. This rule is strictly enforced by The Nerd Corner bloggers when blogging and will be enforced in the chat room as well.

4. Spamming is not tolerated... unless it brings forth epic lulz.

5. If you've been in a dick in another room, have a bad reputation, have had incident with our operators in another room- you may already be banned from the room. All of The Nerd Corner's operators judgements are trusted. While I hate to admit this, The Nerd Corner is derived from another community. As it is in the real world, first impressions follow you wherever you go. Also, when a ban is made there is opportunity for objection from the other operators/people in the room. Generally if there is even one objection the ban will be temporary. If there is no objection at all... most likely no one wants you there to begin with and the ban will be permanent. It helps to make friends, even in our anonymous online world.

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