Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Nerd Corner's Game of the Week: Hobowars

Recently, some of the Nerds in the Corner have become afflicted with a new addiction. This addiction is simply known as Hobowars.
Hobowars is a text-based massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Despite the fact that it's mostly text-based, the game offers some hilarious scenarios and some intriguing situations that will make you scratch your head trying to figure out your next move. Only in Hobowars can you make $60,000 for 30 minutes of begging, wield an AK-47, mug an Old Man at the local 7-11, meet Willie Wonka and take a tour of his Chocolate Factory, join a gang, and fight an epic Lord of the Rings battle to save the City... all in the same day!
Hobowars is completely free, with the option to purchase a donator pack which gives you more turns per hour. Recently, Hobowars has implemented a new feature to provide a more social network-like feel for its users, and a wiki to provide a smoother start for new users.
So what are you waiting for? Prepare for some addiction!!!

If you decide to join, feel free to leave your Hobo name and ID number in a comment below. The Nerd Corner is currently pursuing the idea of creating its own gang. :)

  • Chelseyrl - Hobo name: Chelzee ; ID: 1403861
  • hopefulsemblance - Hobo name: Hoody Hoo ; ID: 56814
  • ThaBeave - Hobo name: Bivver ; ID: 1390159
  • Jo_16_2 - Hobo name: Jo_16_2 ; ID: 1391211
  • maddemp - Hobo name: Madd-ee ; ID: 1403890
  • ApotheosisAZ - Hobo name: Jonas Wharton ; ID: 1408429


Anonymous said...

my name in hobowars is mattisgod i thought i'd just point out that you cannot create gangs anymore but you can buy them still

Anonymous said...

my names |Z| spick735-C10 (1557006)