Monday, August 4, 2008

Final Fantasy XIII News

Unlike the past two summers, Square Enix isn't holding a general-admission event. Instead, the company invited select fans to a private party held today cryptically called "DK Sigma 3713." At the ongoing event, attendees played the latest demos and saw the newest trailers from Square Enix, which also used the proceedings to make some newsworthy announcements.

Since its first unveiling on 2006, Final Fantasy XIII has already captured the hearts of role-playing game fanatics. Now, Square-Enix has given us something to look forward to, as they have confirmed that a Playstation 3 demo will arrive this March in Japan.

The demo will be accompanied by the Blu Ray debut of the epic RPG movie sequel, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Expect the demo to hit our shores soon enough after it conquers Japan. And Japan and North America have the same region coding for Blu Ray discs, so all you importers can watch Cloud Strife and the gang in full HD. Final Fantasy XIII is set for a 2009 release for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Also at the event, game director Motomu Toriyama reconfirmed that, "We haven't changed the direction of the development. We're making the PS3 version first, and then porting to the 360 later." That means that since the game will be released simultaneously on both platforms in North America and Europe, the PS3 release will be held back in those territories until the 360 version is complete.

Furthermore, Toriyama also revealed that, as of July 29, his team hasn't yet received the tools needed to begin work on the Xbox 360 version of FFXIII. "I'm telling them to not think about the Xbox 360 right now," he said. "We can think about it after the development kits arrive."

The game Final Fantasy Agito XIII, originally announced for mobile phones, is now officially making its way to the PSP. the game doesnt have a release date yet. Final Fantasy Versus XIII, remains a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

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Franklin said...

That sucks that they're delaying the PS3 release of the game just to have them release at the same time. It's great that it's multi-platform now, but things like that don't really benefit anyone...

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