Friday, August 15, 2008

EA Teams Up With Epic Games, Grasshopper Manufacture

Gears of War 2 developer Epic Games and the creators of No More Heroes, Grasshopper Manufacture, have agreed to publish their titles under the Electronic Arts brand, as announced by the company today. EA also recently partnered with Doom creators id Software to publish their upcoming title, Rage.

"Epic is excited to work with EA Partners to launch our next big IP on the global stage," said by Mark Rein, president of Epic Games. The new, unnamed Epic title is being developed for the PS3, PC and Xbox 360. Meanwhile, Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming action-horror title for the same platforms is being produced by Shinji Mikami, the man behind Resident Evil.

"[EA is] a great partner who shares our commitment to quality and innovation while respecting our independence as a studio, which is very empowering," said by Grasshopper CEO Goichi Suda, who is also directing their upcoming game with EA.

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