Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is this kid for real? Or is this another famous "social experiment"?

I've been following this kid for awhile. At first I laughed at him and was going to troll his channel. Then I watched a few more vids and I felt bad for him (because he's been attacked by trolls to no end) and have thought that this may be a suicide waiting to happen. But now that I'm rewatching his videos... I think this may be all a setup. He's a twelve year old who's channel is less than 2 months old with over 2k views on his vids. What do you all think???

I used to be gay...??? He's twelve!!!


Anonymous said...

Real or Fake, he's still a Homo

snl06 said...

LOL, This is my favorite quote:

"Imagine getting married to your hand."

That just makes me laugh so hard because I somehow doubt that kid gets that "getting married to your hand" could be seen as...something else.

It feels to me like he just has the view because he heard it somewhere. Like, he used to support gay marriage, but heard it was wrong on the news. WTF!?! That doesn't convince me to listen to him. Kid needs to stop watching FOX...

I have to agree that this seems like some kind of hoax, because what are the chances that 2k people find this random kid's video blog? There's not really anything special about it.

Anyways, just my thoughts.