Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eldritch Errors - just in time for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, I have just been informed that Eldritch Errors is about to begin a new chapter in its player encompassing story. I have also just been informed that a certain ARG/chaotic fiction MASTER may have a hand or two in this chapter's tale that you will not want to miss! ;)

Eldritch Errors is an immersive horror series playing out in real time --
on the Internet, in the real world, and in your nightmares. It will speak to you
and ask you to speak in return. It will feed off of you just as much as you feed
off it. It is as old as the fears of H.P. Lovecraft and as fresh as the horrors
he died never having imagined. Those horrors already lurk, grinning, waiting for
you to be the first to discover them, but at least you won't face them

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