Friday, July 25, 2008

Doctor Who is finally on iTunes (America)!!!

The revival of the long-dormant Doctor Who serials have finally been released on iTunes for those of us on the left side of The Pond. It's not your father's Doctor Who as Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant take on the role(s) of the time-travelling Time Lord, the Doctor. I suggest you finally catch up on these episodes and enjoy the sheer brilliance that is David Tennant. If you can't afford the three series available (sadly four isn't up yet, which is quite possibly my fave), may I recommend purchasing series two. While there is a sort of continuing story between series, you'll be able to understand what is going on up to that point. Not only is David Tennant in it, but Billie Piper plays Rose Tyler, the Doctor's fun Companion and heart-breaking love interest. One of the best Doctor Who series of ALL-TIME! No doubt.

Give it a chance and enjoy the fun!

Click here for more iTunes info

P.S.- Series is British for season. :)

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