Monday, July 28, 2008

LOST at Comic Con 2008

"On Saturday at the San Diego Comic-Con, a huge crowd of Lost fans was treated to a Q&A session with the famous team of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, several knick-knacks, a few pieces of scoop and one big surprise.

The main draw for any Lost diehard, of course, is the vague promise of scoop. As far as new intel goes, it was typically scarce. The execs revealed that Jin (who last was seen on the exploding freighter) and Locke (reclined in a coffin under the purview of FutureJack as the season finale faded to black) each would be back in some capacity, and that "dead is a relative term" on this show. Also, animal lovers may be pleased to know that Vincent is not only alive and well, but will make it to the end of the series!

To wrap things up, a fan came out on stage with a video camera screaming that he had "exclusive video from the Dharma booth." It was shot Blair Witch-style, and was clearly a planned part of the panel, yet the footage still was hilarious. As the tape unspooled, the scientist from the Dharma orientation films hinted that the island is 30 years behind. (The hatch music from the '70s now makes a bit more sense.) He begged anyone watching to reconstitute the Dharma Initiative, because all of the original doctors are dead. Say what?!" — Erin Fox


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