Thursday, July 31, 2008

FBI Alarms New 'Storm Worm' Variant

The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued a warning today about a new variation of the infamous "Storm Worm" malware. The statement disclosed that e-mails containing a "F.B.I. vs. Facebook" headline should be immediately discarded as they could be a worm trojan.

"The spammers spreading this virus are preying on Internet users and making their computers an unwitting part of criminal botnet activity," according to the issued statement. The Bureau added that everyone should be encouraged to become "web" savvy as it should prevent any further damages to your home networks and hardware.

The "Storm" worm obtained its alias from its first net infestation during a heavy storm in Northern Europe last year. Since then, it has been using social and political names on its headlines to entice users.

CNET: FBI Warns Of New Storm Worm Variant

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning. There's always junk like this out there.