Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello & Welcome!!!

Welcome to The Nerd Corner! (I use the term 'nerd' with the utmost admiration)
So I've had this idea for quite some time now and have talked about it with a couple community members, and we've decided to finally follow through with it. Through conversation in IRC, private messages, e-mails, etc.- I, and many of you probably, have noticed that most of us share common interests that live outside of our ARG-vlog-web series interest-sphere. Most of us share the same taste in music (as seen from our DJs and listeners at BreeFM), same taste in movies, same taste in literature, same taste in television shows, basically the same tastes in about everything. So why not have a site where you can read a friend's review on a certain movie, or hear about the latest concert that a buddy attended, or get alerted on a cool new book that no one has ever heard about?
We are going to start off with a very small group of bloggers, that you all know and love, to pave the way for the future of this blog. We will stumble our way around each other until we all wind up in sync, and you'll think that we're all working from the same office. Over time we'll invite more bloggers to join us, and then, similar to LG15Today, we'll welcome anyone who wishes to join the team. Speaking of which, in no way is this blog looking to replace or be an alternative to your favorite blogs, such as LG15Today. Rather this blog is intended to be a supplemental and to further tie the community closer together.
And now here's my favorite part- the part where I piss some people off. :) I will take full responsibility for this decision, so if you have a problem with it... tough. I am a firm believer in free & equal speech. However, sometimes certain people will exercise their freedom of speech more boisterously and more often that it often drowns out others' speech. There are also people that exist, and this community is no exception, only to further their own personal agenda; whether that means whoring out their own little projects or sucking up to people they think will make them famous/money. So in the interest of fairness, NO ONE that is currently employed (or actively seeking employment, or falsely claimed to have been employed) by a company that profits from online videos will be permitted to join this blog's staff anytime soon. Likewise, if you are currently a PM (puppet master) of an active ARG, or if you are currently producing your own online web series, you will not be asked to join this blog's staff in the immediate future. I'm sorry but we're not looking for someone who will constantly just promote themselves and contribute nothing else to the site. In order to be fair and unbiased, I've decided to currently (time may change this rule) apply this to everyone producing their own series/ARG (this will not apply to people who have a character that exists within a series or make the occassional fan fic video).
NOTE: If you're about to point out that this is a total hindrance of free & equal speech- wow... congratulations... you're a genius. Go buy yourself a cookie.
So with all of that out of the way, WELCOME AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY WHAT'S TO COME!


Ziola said...

Awwww mean I can't totally use this to whore myself out? What good is that?


ThaBeave said...

This blog has the herp.

lyriclyinclined said...

can i whore myself out on a personal basis if it has nothing to do with an online series? because... lets face it, i myself am pretty awesome web series or no.

milowent said...

so i posted something completely random. i hope it fits.

JenniPowell said...

I like cheese.